Just finished this commissioned piece!


The buyer’s criteria were very open, so I had a lot of brain space to work which was nice.  She is a nurse and requested something with anatomy, dark colors, and macabre.  I chose the human heart tethered to a not-quite-healing surgical scar, as well the rib cage on her arm tattoo.  I also happen to know that the buyer has a new-found love of skydiving, so I worked that into the piece as a surprise bonus.

Very fun piece to work on!  A little sad to see her go but I know it’s to a good home.

Large panel is 11″ x 13″ and the smaller panel is about 8″ x 6″ – attached together by brass chain.


If you would like to commission a painting from me get in touch!


Tethered human heart Ela Steel painting

Human heart on a parachute


Detail of the chain attachment point on the chest.


detail shot of flower and rib cage tattoo