I’m posting this for any Austin area mural artists who may be interested.


Project: Mural at 2550 Mays Street for Meridian An IB World School.

Meridian World School, LLC is issuing a call for artists? proposals for a mural to be located on the east wall of 2550 Mays Street, Round Rock, Texas 78664.

Proposal Deadline: 4:00PM Friday, July 8, 2016.
Site Visit: 2:00PM Thursday, June 16, 2016. Meet in lobby of existing school at 2555 N. IH 35, east side parking lot.
Selection Notification: 5:00PM Tuesday, August 9 , 2016.
Start & Completion Date: On or about October 1, 2016 Start Date to October 31, 2016 End Date

Mural Details:
The goal of the mural is to provide a piece of public art of interest to students and families of Meridian and to members of the greater community and visitors. It should convey the story of Meridian, including the mission and its focus on our global world through the International Baccalaureate.
Information can be found for Meridian at www.mwschool.org and for the International Baccalaureate at www.ibo.org.
The wall is 160′ long and about 27′ tall. It is desired that the mural cover as much of the wall as practically fits the design. The Owner has proposed a background to prevent the necessity to fill the entire wall with mural. This background pattern is attached. The ?background? will be painted during the month of June and the artist will paint over it as necessitated by the mural design.
It is the desire of the school that the mural cover approximately 3/5 of the wall at minimum. The exact size is to be determined by the artist.
The exterior wall is predominately painted concrete block and the mural will be painted directly on the wall.
The mural should take into account doors, windows, frames, concrete pads, etc.

Stipend: Artist will receive a $12,500 award.
Initial payment: 30% to be paid at signing of letter agreement, 30% upon beginning of work, and the remaining 40% will be paid upon completion of the mural.

Material Reimbursement: Meridian will reimburse all material expenses for paints, masks, etc., with receipts and subject to letter agreement. Artists are required to submit a budget in the proposal. Meridian will provide a lift or OSHA approved scaffold.

Labor: The wall will be clean and painted with a primer ready for painting the mural. The artist will provide all labor for painting. The artist may supervise students and community members if desired and coordinated with Meridian?s approval.

Artist will be responsible for applying two coats of anti-graffiti/ultraviolet protective coating to the surface of the finished art that will provide resistance to vandalism and weather. The mural must be approved by Meridian representative, before the protective coating is applied.

A site visit is encouraged prior to submission of a proposal. The building is currently under renovation. A supervised visit is scheduled for Thursday, June 16, at 2:00PM. Parking is on the site of the current school building (directly west of this building). The building wall may or may not be available for up-close viewing at other times.

The artist will be selected by a task force of Meridian Art Teachers, Administrators, and community members in the arts. This task force will select a proposal they feel fits the building and best communicates the uniqueness of Meridian School to the broader community.

Artists will be notified of the selection by 5:00PM Tuesday, August 9, 2016.

Complete this form and send digital submissions to mwscoo@mwschool.org. You will receive confirmation of receipt.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Jessica Boese at j.boese@mwschool.org.

What to Submit:
Please structure and label the proposal sections using the headings:

Part I: Written Proposal

A. Contact Information:
Full Name
Telephone Number
Email Address

B. Illustrations of Proposed Work:
Proposals must contain between 1 and 5 sketches or digital illustrations of the proposed mural. More than 1 proposal may be submitted with a $25 fee.

C. Detailed Project Description:
A description of the proposed work. (1 page maximum, 12 pt. font) Please include the following:
A literal description of the mural.
A description of the concepts expressed in the proposed mural.
Explain how the design will contribute to the visitor?s understanding of Meridian School.
Outline maintenance the mural will require.
An artist?s statement describing his or her mural experience and interest in the project.

D. Materials budget:
Please provide a detailed budget for materials ? paints, masks, etc. ? required to complete the mural, along with a timeline for scaffold or lift.

Part II: Support Materials and Previous Work

Resume: (maximum of 2 pages)

5-10 Images of Previous Work:
Images should demonstrate the artist?s capability of completing large works simliar in size to this mural. Files should be submitted as pdfs.

Submit a minimum of three reference letters of clients for whom you have completed similar work. Include name, title, company/organization, phone number, and email address.