BIG Pendants

So I  made a few BIG pendants last week. These ones are all one of a kind because you’ll actually be wearing the original watercolor illustration around yer neck.  I’m having fun doing the little teensy paintings.  I haven’t worked this small probably since I stopped doing ACEOs a couple of years ago.

Interchangeable Magnetic Rings

Well.. I was making some magnets out of left over marbles, and one decided to suck itself onto a ring base I had lying near by. DING DING! Idea time. 🙂 Available in my Etsy shop. I’m probably going to do a few more sets, some art, some photography. Maybe some hand painted ones as […]

Free Creepy Desk Pals

I’ve just released my first set of free Creepy Desk Pals. Character Pack 1 includes three of my most popular characters. Save the printable image to your computer, print it, then cut, fold and tape as directed. Voila! Creepy Desk Pals just for you. If you like them, tell your friends! Click to Download

Giant Site Update!

WOW!  So the new site is up and looking fantastic thanks to my wonderful doesn’t-want-to-be-named programmer.  On your end it is mostly just a cleaner layout with less extraneous stuff.  Easier to get right down to the art.  I’ve also moved all of the e-commerce stuff over to Etsy.   For right now I’m only selling […]

Prints are BACK!

I’m now offering prints again! I have a few new square prints up. They’re 8×8 and look great framed in a square frame, or in an 8×10 frame. My prints, like always, are affordable and very high quality. You won’t be disappointed! http://steel.etsy.com