What in the what?

Yeah I know, it’s been about a thousand years in internet time.  Holy crappers guys, what in the hell have I been doing?  Well, I’ve been excessively busy/occupied by the business my husband-creature and I now own together.  This is after starting, succeeding at, and then quitting several other entrepreneurial ventures due to loss of interest. […]

Spring Inspired Pendants

I have tons and tons of flower photos, so I’m making them into pendants! I’ll be adding them to my shop over the next several days. I also have a ton of insect photography but I’m really not sure how well those would do. haha. I mean.. I think it would be cool to have […]

Spring Garden Photos!

I’m so excited about my garden!  Spring comes a lot earlier to Texas than most parts, so my flowers were blooming strong last month and we planted all of our veggies.


I’ll probably be in trouble for posting this, but it cracks me up. I love the coincidental matching t-shirt, by the way.

BIG Pendants

So I  made a few BIG pendants last week. These ones are all one of a kind because you’ll actually be wearing the original watercolor illustration around yer neck.  I’m having fun doing the little teensy paintings.  I haven’t worked this small probably since I stopped doing ACEOs a couple of years ago.

Interchangeable Magnetic Rings

Well.. I was making some magnets out of left over marbles, and one decided to suck itself onto a ring base I had lying near by. DING DING! Idea time. 🙂 Available in my Etsy shop. I’m probably going to do a few more sets, some art, some photography. Maybe some hand painted ones as […]